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Hey everyone!

It is that time of the year again when we are looking for next year's CSI Link Leaders. CSI Link Leaders ONLY for next years Juniors and Seniors (Current Sophomores and Juniors). If you would like to be a part of Link Leaders for CSI please FILL THIS OUT ASAP. We are looking for at least 25 students. If you do decide to be a part of CSI this year you can get units OR volunteer hours; your choice. If you think you got what it takes then nominate yourself!


Here are some of the qualities we are looking for in our Link Leaders:
• kind
• willingness to lead others
• responsible enough to manage a group
• accountable to show up throughout all phases of the program during the year
• willing to take risks
• interest in helping others
• positive role model
• dedicated
• self-confident and self-directed
• has respect for diverse ideas and personalities
• enthusiastic

Thank You!
WCO's Link Leader Team
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Commitments to be a Link Leader includes the following: CSI Link Leader Meet and Greet (May 22nd - passes will be sent) & CSI Link Leader Training (June 13 & June 14) *
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