DH Awards 2018 - Nominations
This form enables you to nominate something for DH Awards 2018. Please nominate any Digital Humanities resource in any language that you feel deserves to win in any of this year’s categories. The open DH Awards 2018 are openly nominated by the community and openly voted for by the public as a DH awareness activity. Although the working language of DH Awards is English, nominations may be for any resource in any language. Awards are not specific to geography, language, conference, organization or field of humanities. There are no financial prizes, just the honour of having won and an icon for your website. For more information see http://dhawards.org/dhawards2018/nominations/

Nomination is the route by which resources enter the DH Awards ballot. *There is no need to nominate a resource more than once.* The only tests are: Is it loosely DH, has it launched or had an update in 2018, and is it in the right category.

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These awards are for only Digital Humanities resources (however you define that).
What was updated about it in 2018? *
These annual awards are for resources that were launched, updated, or have had some significant change in 2018. Just list something about it that was updated in 2018, or 'Launched' or 'New Resource' for something that is new. (This will just be used to confirm by the committee that it has been updated, if there is a URL for a news post or similar, include that. Please be brief.)
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Optional Demographic Information
Thsee are some optional anonymous demographic information we'd like to collect about you. We're just curious to track who nominates and votes for DH Awards. Feel free to leave blank if you do not wish to answer. (For example, we want to highlight the disparity that exists between DH practitioners and how they are represented in other forums like conferences.) We openly release the aggregate statistical information at the end, see http://dhawards.org/dhawards2017/statistics/ for last year's statistics.
What is your gender?
By this we mean how you currently identify with respect to gender. If you identify as one not listed please select Other. This is only about gender identity and not sexual preferences or biological sex. We recognise these are vague broad categories but we only want to produce approximate aggregate statistics. Choose as many as apply to you.
Current country of residence?
(Short name of your country, or if you know it ISO code for you country: UK, US, DE, JA, CA, IN, SY....) in capital letters.
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What kind of job do you have?
(Some short description like 'academic', 'researcher', 'lecturer', 'programmer', 'librarian', 'butcher', 'baker', 'candlestickmaker' etc.)
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