Survey - Master Mind group coaching call
How was the phone Master Mind MAGIC group coaching call and/or meeting?

We trust that, you felt it was a great investment of your time and that you received benefit.

We approach Master Mind MAGIC group probably very different than other groups. Our goal is to assist you gain 3 hours for every 1 hour you invest. As business professionals, we would do this with our money (expecting a return) why wouldn't we do that same thing for our time?

Master Mind MAGIC will:
- Help you learn how to become more efficient and effective with your current time.
- Help you to discover your Life Vision and how to pursue it with passion.
- Assist you in building and implementing turn key systems which save you time and help you earn more money.
- Connect you with like minded people who have similar interests and passions.
- Introduce you to others who may open business opportunities, become clients, and/or partner with you.

Master Mind MAGIC can help you in any one of the following areas:
1. Business - Growing your business/making it more profitable.
2. Personal - Helping you see greater success in your personal relationships.
3. Community/Ministry - Helping you to make an impact in the community in which you live and around the world.

At Master Mind MAGIC we desire to treat you as a member from the very first time we talk/work with you. We trust you gained great benefit from your interaction with other Master Mind MAGIC members and those within our network. Master Mind MAGIC, desires to be the best steward of your time which is why we would appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to provide us with valuable feedback on your experience. Please be totally honest as that is the only way we can grow and improve our service to members. Thank You!
Name of individual who invited you:
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Master Mind MAGIC session you participated in and the date/time please.
1. How would you rate the overall group session?
The value you received as a result of the investment of your time.
Very Poor
Clear selection
2. If a "10" why, and if not a "10" what suggestions would you give to get it to a "10?"
3. Did you feel welcomed and valued?
Did others connect with you and was your input valued?
Very Poor
Clear selection
4. Are you clear as to what action item/assignment you will give yourself as a result of attending?
There is so much that we cover that it can be hard to really know what to take away. Did you walk away with at least one action item from what you learned, what was shared, and/or who you connected with?
Very Poor
Clear selection
5. Did you feel the facilitator was effective in their use of time and keeping things moving along?
In many groups, one or two people will do a lot of the talking . . . and at times not have a lot to say. Did the facilitator keep things moving and help people to be clear and concise in their communications. Please be honest as that is the only way to make the group stronger.
Very Poor
Clear selection
6. How likely is it that you will attend again and/or participate on a regular basis?
We have found that most people will really start to see payoff after attending three sessions. Our goal is to get that down to one.
Very Poor
Clear selection
7. Is there any other questions we should have asked that we did not, and/or any additional information we should know, and/or other suggestions you would give us on how we could improve?
Our passion is to help people personally and professionally and if there is any other information you can share about yourself and your business we are confident that we can assist you.
8. Likelihood that you would refer someone else to attend?
We have found, as you probably have as well, that great people tend to know other great people. Almost all of CPN's growth comes from referrals.
Would Refer
Clear selection
If we have helped you and you would like to help others we would appreciate the names/contact information of 3 others who may benefit from being invited to a session in the future.
It's amazing how much benefit we can gain, and how it doesn't take any of our time, when we give the 30 minute interview/strategy session. This can be any type of professional, in any industry, anywhere in the world. Help us, help you, help others! Please include name, company/organization, phone, and email if possible.
Your comments to others who may be interested in joining a Master Mind MAGIC group.
What WINS have you had? What do you love about Master Mind MAGIC? What are some success stories? We may use your comments to spread the great word about Master Mind MAGIC unless you let us know otherwise.
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