Thank you for your interest in making a donation to DC Public Schools!
We appreciate your generosity and your support. We intend to use your gift to directly impact our schools and the academic achievement of our students.

Once you complete this form we will review your donation to see if it meets a need we have in any of our schools or our central office. Please keep the following in mind:

- We will ask for pictures of furniture or other large items (email to

- We cannot accept items with logos or branding

- We only accept technology if it meets our minimum requirements and is a complete system

- We do not accept magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers, or binders

- We do not accept broken or damaged items, or items missing parts

Thank you again, for your generosity.

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If you are a DCPS staff member planning to pick up computers from GSA, please get form 122 from the DCPS warehouse. GSA will not release computers to you without this form.
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