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If we have had to discredit your story for inactivity, you are welcome to re-apply when you become more active again.

Reviewers are only obliged to read the first three chapters or 3000 words of your story. They may choose to read more, but that is in their discretion.

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The Legal Stuff
We need to cover ourselves to make sure that our reviewers and our company is safe! If you would like to submit a review, please fill out these simple legal questions.
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We need to make sure that you are the writer of the work. This is important because we do not condone stealing other people's work.
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We will always make sure to post LESS THAN 10% of your story content in our reviews. We will also make an effort to avoid giving away any of the big spoilers.
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We are open to reviewing fanfictions. However, please disclose this information to us so that we can put a disclaimer in our reviews about it being a work of fanfiction, and not owned by you.
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