Work Exchange 2020
Fill out this form if you'd like to contribute towards making NY AcroFest 2020.
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MED TEAM ONLY: Which valid certificates or accreditation can you provide?
If accepted you will be asked to email us your CPR, first aid, or other medical certifications you can provide.
MED TEAM ONLY: Prior first aid/med team experiences
Have you worked at sport festivals prior? Worked as an EMT? Doctor? Firefighter? Please include company names. You will be asked for more detailed references later.
What skills could you offer that may be of value for this event? *
Organization, killer smile, hauling mats and items, transport, has lots of ext cords to lend, interior design, gorgeous handwriting, Crafty AF, etc.
WORK EXCHANGE: Check ALL the boxes that apply to you - that you'll be able AND available to do *
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Click as many that may be possible for you. Clicking less options may effect your approval into our program.  You will not be asked to do ALL of them. This just gives us an idea of where to place you. Keep in mind, most job roles will be distributed about a 2-3 weeks prior to the event.
Availability *
Check ALL boxes that apply. You probably won't be asked to do all the times you clicked but this helps us know which times you prefer to match you up with tasks. We do our best to work with you.
Are there any dates/times above when you are 100% NOT available?
If you have, please provide references from former (or current) volunteer jobs (Med team: include first aid+ jobs). Include leaders that you worked with: Company, leader's name, relationship (employer or co-worker etc), cell number, and length of employment.
Can you make yourself available for one 2.5 hour volunteer prep meeting  on Wednesday Aug 5th from 7PM-9:30PM? *
What would you like us to know about yourself?
Do you prefer male or female tshirt/tank cut *
What's your shirt/tank size *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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