#RacismLivesHereToo at Osgoode Hall Law School
A group of students of colour and allies at Osgoode Hall Law School* are joining the #RacismLivesHereToo campaign that a number of U.S. law schools are initiating as a reaction to the rise in white supremacist and racist rhetoric in North America, specifically in law schools. (see the related article at https://medium.com/@ALabib/racism-lives-at-osgoode-too-374887ae9ee5)

We want to make it clear that the walls of our school do not exempt us from the seeping prevalence of macro and micro-aggressions. With the desire to give voice to the silent suffering of students of colour and other traditionally marginalized groups, and contribute to the larger movement towards meaningful inclusion and sustainable equity, we ask you to share your experience of feeling othered. It is our earnest goal to provide as safe a space as we can to empower students of colour whilst urging other students, faculty and staff members to engage in self-reflection on their own contribution to the systemic structures of oppression, and how we in unity can take action for liberation.

All questions are optional. If a response will be shared publicly, we have noted it after the question. While we are using the term racism, in line with the #RacismLivesHereToo campaign, we welcome responses on other forms of discrimination (e.g. based on disability, religious identity, sexual orientation etc.).

To read more about the #RacismLivesHereToo campaign:
--The Stanford Law campaign - https://www.stanforddaily.com/2018/02/07/dear-sls-racism-lives-here-too/
--The Harvard Law campaign - http://hlrecord.org/2018/02/dear-hls-racism-lives-here-too/
--The NYU Law campaign - https://medium.com/@pocnyulaw/racismlivesheretoo-day-1-198664fe5ff0

We understand that filling out the survey may be emotionally overwhelming for some. As such, please see below for a list of wellness resources you can utilize:
--York University Personal Counselling Services for free individual counselling and other supports for students – http://pcs.info.yorku.ca
--Homewood/ Member Assistance Program for free health and wellness for lawyers and law students - http://www.myassistplan.com/
--Osgoode Wellness Counsellors for individual counselling, wellness groups and referrals – Contact through MyOsgoode
--JustBalance, a support site for law students – https://www.justbalance.ca
--Mental Health Helpline for free mental health services information in Ontario – 1-866-531-2600 or http://www.mentalhealthhelpline.ca/

*This is a collaborative effort between: Osgoode's Black Law Students Association (BLSA), South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA), Osgoode Tamil Law Students Association (OzTLSA), Osgoode Indigenous Students Association (OISA), Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA), Osgoode Latin American Students (OLAS), Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA), Asian Law Students Association (ALSA), Korean Law Students Association (KLSA), women of colour @ Osgoode, as well as the 2017/2018 L&L Equity Office.

What race(s) or ethnicity(ies) do you identify with? If you would like to note any other aspects of your identity (e.g. with regards to disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation etc.), please also do so here.
Note: We recognize that discrimination is shaped by one's particular identity and the ways in which one's multiple identities intersect.
Your answer
What year are you in?
Please complete the following sentence: "“Racism exists here too because someone at Osgoode said or did the following: ______” (20 words max)
Note: Your response here will be placed on the posters. This restriction will make it easier for what you say to fit on a poster. Again, while we are using the term racism, in line with the larger campaign, we welcome responses regarding discrimination based on other grounds (e.g. disability, religious identity etc.).
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Please describe the experience above in more detail, and/or how it made you feel (100 words max)
Your response here will not be placed on the posters, but may be used to contextualize a future panel discussion.
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If you prefer to describe a discriminatory incident/statement in your own words, without the confines of the "Racism lives here" structure, please do so here.
Note: Your response here may be placed on a poster/shared publicly through another medium, and/or relayed to the Osgoode administration, depending on your preferences. Please see the following questions.
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