Christ House Year Long Volunteer Reference Form
Thank you for serving as a reference for an applicant for the Christ House Volunteer Corps for June 2020-June 2021! Christ House is a 24-hour medical respite facility in Washington, DC. We provide comprehensive and compassionate health care for men who are homeless with acute medical needs and offer assistance to help break the cycle of homelessness through medical treatment, addictions and recovery support, mental health treatment, social services, nourishment, and rest.

For over 30 years, we have had the joy of offering transformative experiences for young adults interested in serving and living in community with Christ House. Christ House relies on Year Long Volunteers (YLVs) to help fulfill its mission. YLVs must be dedicated to service, committed to issues of social justice, and open to learning from others and growing.

We appreciate your thoughtful evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications and recommendation of their participation in the Christ House Volunteer Corps. An applicant’s application packet is not complete until all reference forms have been submitted. A timely completion of this form is much appreciated!

Please note that you are not able to save your answers if you only partially complete the form. You also will not be able to edit the form once you have submitted it.

If you have any questions about the Chris House Volunteer Corps, please contact Lydia Olsen, Director of Volunteers, at 202-328-1100 or Thank you!
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The Privacy Act is a federal law which states that everyone has the right to know and receive information and copies of documents which are maintained about them by agencies. This law provides that Christ House may keep the identity or the source of this reference confidential only if you request it be kept confidential. Please choose the appropriate selection below to indicate whether you do or do not wish your identity to be revealed to the applicant.
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