FreetoBFit Client Movement Questionnaire
This form is for those interested in working with FreetoBFit as a way of communicating their body's story.
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What types of movement bring you joy? (For example: I really like wrestling with my dog, walking in the city, dancing, lifting weights and sitting my ass on the sofa) *
What types of movement bring you the opposite of joy? Are there things that make you feel frustrated, awkward, uncomfortable, etc? (For example: I don't like bouncing cuz my boobs hurt) *
What types of movement does your body currently help you accomplish? (Feel free to explain in PRE/POST COVID-19 terms)
How have your movement patterns changed since COVID-19 & Stay at Home orders?
Are there any movements that you'd like your body to help you perform more efficiently or at all?
Are there any movements that your body isn't comfortable with? (Different from the frustrated/no joy question: think about physical comfort more than the mental feeling)
Are any of the above movements due to physical injury and/or body limitations? (please describe in detail)
Check all that currently apply to you: "I am (a)"
Check all that are currently important to you:
Are there any obstacles (aside from current state of the world) that are keeping you from fulling exploring & pursuing movement? (mental, physical, time, monetary, etc.)
Do you have past or current physical injuries? (If so, please describe in as much detail as you are comfortable. We can discuss in person too if a better choice for you.)
Do you have past or current mental trauma you feel I should know about? (If so, you are more than welcome to provide details here to the extent you are comfortable. We can discuss details in person too if a better choice for you... or not at all. I believe wholeheartedly in the mind-body connection and so this info can be helpful in understanding your movement patterns.)
Is there anything else you'd like me to know about you?
How motivated are you to get started? *
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