Splash Pool Service
These 7 points review the 7 areas we cover and communicate with you in person and throughout the year. Please review these points and feel free to request the additional letters mentioned below. We are looking forward to earning your trust and creating a long-lasting pool service relationship with you. Please acknowledge the following:
1) ACKNOWLEDGE OUR SERVICE GUARANTEE- we agree to re-visit customers’ pool if the original visit was not performed in a workmanlike manner, or to your expectations providing that customer informs us within 24 hours after the scheduled visit. Also acknowledge that there could be several levels of service we may offer at your property, once per week service has become the standard practice but is not the ideal. (Request Water Balance & Surface Protection Letter, for more information)

2) COMMUNICATE WITH OUR OFFICE/YOUR AREA SUPERVISOR DIRECTLY- when questions, direction or requests are made to our office or supervisor through (Calling/Texting/Emailing) we will record the necessary items in our Service App for us and future technicians,  this is a critical part of making your experience seamless.  (Avoid communicating only to your weekly service tech, information shared with our office or your area supervisor will be treated with urgency & follow-through for your best experience.)

3) AUTHORIZE BI-ANNUAL TUNE-UP/INSPECTIONS - once a year we send out a reminder notice, but it is optimal to have the tune-up/inspection twice per year. Our supervisor/repair Technicians will thoroughly review your entire pool/equipment/service-history.  (Request Tune-up/Inspection Letter, for more info)

4) UNDERSTAND THE BILLING PRICE, pool maintenance is based on 4 (four) visits per month. In exchange for all 5th week visits, we could miss up to 5 visits per year. (as one of the 5 visits, no pool service will be performed the week of December 25th) To avoid late fees of 10%, please make payment within 15 days of any invoice date.

5) NOTICE THAT EXTRA CHARGES shall result, in an additional cost to customer (in addition to monthly pool service charges) for the following: maintenance to the pool surface, pool filter and equipment, unscheduled trips to service the pool as a result of excessive debris, storms, equipment malfunction/repairs or pool inaccessibility or other special requests. If chlorine is included all extra chemicals beyond 4 tablets per week and the basic chemicals to maintain pH balance & alkalinity cost extra. Specialty chemicals such as; algaecides, clarifier, phosphate removers, stain preventatives and the like are not included.

6) BE AWARE OF CUSTOMERS’ RESPONSIBILITY- water level, chemical storage, backwash/draining water, access to pool and equipment, requesting & authorizing repairs and additional maintenance.

7) NOTICE ARIZONA STORMS- Customer should understand that it could take 2 complete cleaning services and usually 2 weeks to clean a pool free of debris after strong winds or a storm. Communicate with the office to request 2nd weekly visit when necessary. (Request Storm Notice Letter for more info)

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