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-Prices listed in USD
-Character complexity may cause the price to fluctuate
-Customer is required to pay up front, if prices are any higher than $100, partial payments can be made

If you have any concerns about the fee's feel free to add that in the "need to know info" part of the question-air for me to email you back with your answers.

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Telegram: wasabitea
Twitter: sadsadcarnival

I can communicate via Telegram or Discord for the convenience of speedy service/ communications..
If you prefer that way please state so in your contact information.

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Furaffinty, Discord or Telegram. Discord is preferred for contact.
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List up to as many examples of the character you have or if you have no refs; insert the text description of your character
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Extra notes and Details about your characters appearance,such as; body weight, height, palette colours, etc
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