Build your home with LATCH Collective
LATCH Collective is a network of tiny house enthusiasts supporting each other in building our own small homes. Part of our mission is providing co-building space for rent, where tools needed are accessible.

In 2018, LATCH Collective will have access to a few different build spaces. We're looking to match a DIYer with each space. This application helps us to match interested do-it-yourself tiny house builders with a site that suits their needs, and helps to pick a builder that fits the desires of the property manager/ build site host where the build will happen.

Applications do not guarantee selection. The application process will include...
1) Confirmation from LATCH Collective by email of interest in exploring applicant's suitability for a space.
2) Follow up interview by telephone.
3) In-person interview with LATCH Collective director, interested applicant, and property manager/build site host.

Precedent will go to existing LATCH Learners.

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