The Sunshine Group 2019 Employment Application
Directors - Barbara Ohanian and Jessica Peck
(978) 790-9779 •
Tuesday, July 9th - Friday, August 9 (Open House and Staff Orientation on July 8th)
8:00 am - 1:00 pm Tuesdays – Fridays
Oakland Park/Medway Senior Center, 76 Oakland Street, Medway, MA 02053

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1) We have a required training day on Tuesday, July 2nd, from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
2) Our children rely on you to be there every day of this short summer session!
If you know you will be out, it is your responsibility to notify Barbara as soon as possible!
I understand that I need to be available to work the full six weeks because the children are counting on me! If I must miss a day, I will let Barbara know well in advance. *
Which ages(s) are you interested in working with? Rank each age according to your preference. (NOTE: preferences may be taken into account but are not a guarantee) *
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2nd choice
3rd choice
4th choice
Red Group (ages 2-5)
Orange Group (ages 6-8)
Yellow Group (ages 8-12)
Green Group (ages 12+)
What role(s) would you be willing to take on? *Please note that all employees will be considered counselors and assigned to a group. *
Please list any certifications you may have (CPR, Lifeguard) and their dates of expiration
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*** New Employees must fill out the information below! Returning employees may stop here***
Education Details
If you are a college student, what college are you attending, and what is your major?
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Please list three personal references (include their names, phone numbers, their relationship and number of years they have known you)
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Please list any previous experiences you have had with children (Specifically including any experiences, if any, with children with special needs)
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What talents or hobbies do you have that you feel you could contribute to the program?
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How did you hear about The Sunshine Group?
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Why do you want to work with The Sunshine Group?
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