Campfire Tales!
Hello and welcome to our campfire! This is a questionnaire that will allow you to share your favorite campfire story or stories with us at New World Witchery. We're looking for stories that you have heard or told around late night crackling fires, in dark bedrooms with just a single flashlight for illumination, or while sitting out among the stones at midnight in a cemetery with friends (or in whatever similar spooky situation you can imagine). If you grew up reading books like Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, you know just what we're talking about! The more local, the better, too! Share your haunted bridges, creepy tales of lurkers in the woods, or whispered stories of a local mystery that's been hushed up by the town!

By participating in this, please note you are agreeing to let us share your story on our website, in our podcast, or in potential publications in the future. You are asked to give us a little bit of identifying information such as an age range, general geographic region/state, and a preferred name for us to use (you can make up a pseudonym if you prefer to remain essentially anonymous).

Also, by sharing your story with us, you will be entered into our contest with the chance to win one of several books from our prize cauldron! See our website for additional information.

On to your stories! We can't wait to read them!
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If you are interested in entering the contest for the chance to win a free book, please leave an email address below (optional, but only entries with an email address will be entered in the contest, since we need a way to contact you if you win).
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