RED PILL: A Dystopia horror film by Tonya Pinkins
“A red pill is when someone infiltrates a group, and then destroys them from the inside.”

Cassandra (Tonya Pinkins) is a black American woman fearful for the fate of her country in the next election. Election weekend 2020, she reluctantly accompanies her best friend Rocky, land preserver activist (Ruben Blades) and his wife Emelia (Luba Mason), her roommate Lily (Kathyrn Erbe), friend Nick (Jake O’Flaherty) and partner Bobby (Adesola Osakalumi) to canvas in newly blue Virginia.

As the friends arrive at their “Super-Host” housing, they encounter signs that point to possible trouble and before the weekend is over their fight for the country becomes a fight for their lives.

Tony award-winning actress Tonya Pinkins joins the #BlackHorror conversation with her directorial debut RED PILL, a progressive dystopia nightmare. A visually stunning metaphor for all our fears and a reminder that there are worse things than death.

Horror fan?! JOIN the film outreach campaign as an AMBASSADOR. This indie horror film needs support, outreach, reviews, and lots of kitchen table conversations about what it really means to be afraid in as a Black woman in America. Tonya Pinkins acts, writes, directs, and produces a political horror thriller that will build an everlasting cult following.

We NEED ambassadors to *spread the word* about RED PILL to the world. Our ambassadors are a crucial part of the team --- we cannot do this without you! In exchange, you'll be a part of a revolutionary movement in American film. The film will release in 2021 despite the pandemic! We will arrange our own innovative virtual and drive-ins screenings. We can't wait and neither can this film.

WE ASK our ambassadors to share your networks, share your skills, share your talent, share your gift of gab!  However, you can help the campaign to spread, grow, and prosper is infinitely appreciated! We will keep you updated with insider emails, film news and screenings, talks, interviews, and you'll be the first to hear about our festival screenings. If this virus ever lets up you'll get the first invite to screenings in your city.


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