Stormwater Management Program Public Education and Outreach Questionnaire
The Village of Pelham is seeking information from residents and businesses with respect to their understanding of stormwater related issues in the community. In order to better understand what the Village must do to better inform residents and businesses, we ask that you complete the following short questionnaire and submit electronically. Hard copies may be hand delivered or mailed to the Village Clerks Office in Village Hall, 195 Sparks Avenue, Pelham, New York 10803. Thank you for your support of Pelham’s continuing stormwater management efforts.
1. Do you recall receiving any educational materials, reading or hearing about stormwater/water quality in the last 12 months? *
1.1 If (“YES”), what was the source of this material or information you received?(Please check all that apply)
1.2 What was the medium used to convey the information you received?
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2. Are you aware that the Village has an individual assigned to address stormwater related issues? *
3. Have you participated in a clean-up event in the Village in the last 12 months? *
4. Have you participated in a cleanup event of any kind as a member of a group? *
5. What do you see as the underlying cause(s) of pollution of our local streams, rivers and lakes? *
6. Would you consider adapting some of your daily activities to improve water quality if you learned of alternatives? *
7. Would you like to learn about the Village’s Stormwater Management Plan? *
8. If so, what type of outreach would be most beneficial? (check all that apply) *
9. Which of the following educational topics would you find most useful?(Check all that apply) *
10. Would you be willing to participate in a Village organized clean-up day along highways, streams andthe Village generally? *
11. Do you perform yard maintenance and lawn care yourself or contract out for the service? *
12. What is the disposition of your lawn clippings after you/your lawn care provider mow the lawn? *
13. What is the disposition of your fall leaves? *
14. Does our stormwater go through a cleaning process before reaching our streams, rivers and lakes? *
15. Have you heard of or attended a review of the draft annual Stormwater Management Report to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation typically held in April or May each year at Village Hall? *
16. If you have a septic tank for disposal of residential wastes, are you aware of the new regulations regarding inspecting and cleaning? *
For further information on Stormwater Management, you may checkout the following websites:

For information on the Village’s Stormwater Management Program.
Contact Village Hall at 914-231-3318.
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