OS沿徑定向練習賽 Trail O Practice Event
練習目的 Aim of Practice Event
Bridging Trail O training course to Trail O Championships
地點 Venue
九龍公園 Kowloon Park
(待批中 waiting for confirmation from the park)
訓練模式 Mode of Practice
- Trail O地圖
- 佈點收點
- 題解圖
- (可能有)賽後導賞 (視乎活動流程緊迫與否)
- 練習選擇正式答案的技巧
- 在計時控制點採用自助方式,自己計時

**SELF-HELP Mode**
[the organizer will]
- prepare Trail-O map
- place and collect points
- prepare solution map
- (may be a ) post-event evaluation trip (depends on the flow of the programme)
[the participant have to]
- identify ALPHA/ BETA/ CHARLIE...
- practice the skill to choose correct answer
- time yourself at the timed control(s)

組別 Classes
Only 1 class
費用及出席證書 Fee and Certificate of Participation
HKD$80/ 人
- Trail O地圖
- 佈點收點
- 題解圖
- (可能有) 賽後導賞 (視乎活動流程緊迫與否)
- 出席證書乙張 (任何情況下不設補領)

prepare Trail-O map
- placing and collecting points
- prepare solution map
- (may be a ) post-event evaluation trip (depends on the flow of the programme)
- Certificate of Participation (no re-issue service at any circumstance)

同場「HKCEO第5屆校際定向錦標賽及公開賽2017-團隊賽及沿徑定向精確賽」In conjugation with "HKCEO 5th Interschool Orienteering Championships cum Open Event 2017- Team Challenge &Trail O (Pre-O) Event "
如欲報名HKCEO團隊賽請到網頁www.hkceo.com.hk 查看詳情或填寫Google Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSENLy-DJhGo-F69npRCzaFX7duT49ti-nQATNb9SZz3vz-w/viewform 報名

If you would like to make entry to HKCEO Team Challenge, please visit website www.hkceo.com.hk for detail or fill the Google Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSENLy-DJhGo-F69npRCzaFX7duT49ti-nQATNb9SZz3vz-w/viewform

如欲同時同場排名HKCEO沿徑定向精確賽,可於本Google Form 選項報名,報名費外另收$20/人。

If you would like to rank in HKCEO Trail O (Pre-O), you may make entry in this Google Form. There will be an additional entry fee of $20/person.

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