Mr. Gibson Survey
We have been asked to have our students take this survey at the end of each trimester. Please fill it out for me.
This teacher cares about my well-being. *
This teacher shows respect for all the students in our class, no matter who they are. *
This teacher will help me if I need help. *
This teacher is fair when dealing with students. *
This teacher is good at holding my attention. *
I learn a lot in this teacher’s class. *
This teacher involves me in class discussions or activities. *
This teacher is good at explaining things so that I understand. *
Students treat this teacher with respect. *
Students are well behaved in this teacher’s classroom. *
This teacher uses technology to make class more interesting/fun. *
This teacher uses technology in ways that help me understand content more deeply. *
This teacher uses technology to increase my engagement in learning. *
I think we all agree that this was not the most productive year in band. What in your opinion was the one contributing factor that was most influential in this result? *
Can you explain your answer to the above question?
Is there anything you want Mr. Gibson to know about why you answered the way you did above?
Your answer
What did you enjoy most about this class?
Your answer
If you answered “Somewhat Disagree” or “Disagree” to any questions, what suggestions do you have for improvement?
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Additional comments:
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