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Our product and database are designed strictly for business and professional use. We value privacy and individual preferences and designed this form to make it easy to exercise privacy rights under the GDPR or the CCPA such as e.g. the right to opt-out of "sales" of business information (known as the right to object to processing in the EEA, the UK, and Switzerland).

The form is set to quickly process such requests to opt-out which means that upon filing one and confirming your email, we will remove the profile and business information linked to this email from our database, keeping the email address for purposes of respecting your opt-out preference in the future.

We will use the information provided in this form only for the purpose of handling your data privacy request and its verification, in particular, to identify that you are the holder of a given email.

Since our product is strictly business-oriented we do not process, in general, public domain email addresses such as "" or "". For this reason please use your professional email here.

If you would like to exercise other privacy rights, please contact us via email: Please note that if you would like to request deleting all information we may have connected to your email, we may not be able to keep a record of your opt-out preference and add information to the database again.

Further information on how we collect and use your personal data within our product can be read in our Privacy Policy:

Thank you,

Growbots Team

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Please type your Email  to execute the right to opt-out (object to the data processing). In order to execute any other of your rights please contact us via email: *
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