Coordinated Access System Scorecard
Updated January 2018

The Coordinated Access System Scorecard (CAS Scorecard) helps your community self-assess and make improvements in your coordinated access system (CAS) to support you to reach and sustain functional zero on chronic homelessness. Please read the Coordinated Access System Scorecard Guide (linked below) for information on the scorecard and our thoughts on how to use this tool below before continuing onto the assessment questions.

Invite the right people to the room
Take the scorecard together with community leaders, such as a planning group, your 20,000 Homes lead organizer, and your data guru. Gathering stakeholders keeps everyone moving in the same direction as your plan changes.

Completing the scorecard should take 30-60 minutes, depending on how much conversation it sparks.

Use the scorecard to plan improvements
This snapshot of your system's progress will only be useful if it results in action! Work with the 20,000 Homes Campaign and your local team to organize your work plan, get resources, and strategize your changes. If you are a 20,000 Homes Campaign Reporting Hero, you will find post-scorecard results in the system dashboard of your Performance Management Tracker.
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