Room Subscription Box Quiz
This quiz is to be filled out after a subscription box has been purchased. You will need a web order number and will be asked for it.

The quiz is to be filled out by the recipient of the subscription box. If this is a gift, please fill out the quiz to the best of your ability on behalf of the recipient or ask someone close to the recipient to help you answer the questions!

Help us get to know your tastes and interests better:

When we ask customers what their favorite books are they frequently give us a long pause before sheepishly saying they are not sure. It can often feel like folks are judging our interests and taste but we swear we aren't! We love all books and, more than that, we love books that YOU love *because* you love them. We love what happens in a brain when someone is reading a book they love and we want to do that for folks who get our subscription boxes so please answer as honestly as you can.

We also know when we are asked about books sometimes our minds go completely blank. Someone will ask "What's your favorite fiction novel?" and suddenly it's like we've never read a book in our lives! Being put on the spot can make finding the right book hard so some of these questions are about books and some of them are about other media you like. This gives us a more holistic picture of your interests and vibes.

ENJOY! HAVE FUN! There are no wrong answers.

Your Room Booksellers
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What is your web order number? It will be in the confirmation e-mail you received after purchasing a subscription box. This Google form is to be filled out after the purchase has been made. Fill the form out once per subscription you order. *
I understand that the first book of my subscription will go out the month after purchase. For example, if you buy the subscription at any point in December, your first book will be mailed out in January. *
What is the recipient's name? ("First Last" eg. "Virginia Woolf") *
What is the recipient's e-mail address?
What are the recipient's pronouns? *
If this subscription is for a child, how old are they?
Which box are you subscribing to? *
How many months is your subscription? *
What are a few of your favorite books/authors in this genre? *
What books are on your nightstand? *
What are your favorite shows? *
Pick a group of words that best describes the stories you are most interested in *
Do you keep a Bookstagram or book blog or Goodreads or anything you'd like us to check out to learn more about your taste? Link here! Please note: We can't check every book against your GoodReads but this helps us gain further insight into your tastes if needed.
Each subscription box has a dollar amount that is allotted for each month, with shipping costs folded in. Some months you may get more expensive books, some months less, but it all averages out. Let us know if you'd like us to use your allotment in any of the following ways (Feel free to elaborate in the last question if necessary): *
Name a book or two in this genre that you just didn't vibe with (or tropes/subgenres you're generally not into). Anti-recs are good information, too! *
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
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