Introduction to Language and Composition
Course Summary: This course is a tailored equivalent to topics covered by the AP Composition courses, with homework and classwork focused mainly on writing or analyzing essays. This course is support by the Rochester Math Club and is a fully virtual course hosted on Zoom. Students will acquire and demonstrate skills in rhetorical analysis, synthesis, and argumentation, focusing on expressing themselves through the means of a well-written essay. The course emphasizes collaboration between peers as the students make the journey to a higher standard of critical thinking and analysis.

Level: No specific prerequisite classes are required for this course. Some experience in writing essays and analyzing text is encouraged, but all levels of writing capabilities are welcomed.
This course is specifically designed for students in middle school or early high school, but younger students with experience in writing, especially analyzing literature will also be fully prepared for this course. The course does have a moderate homework load; you will be asked to write 4 essays, each with a different focus.

Schedule: This course will run starting from July 7th and will include 9 classes of instruction, with additional classes covering more topics if desired. A brief course orientation will be held on July 5th from 7:00-8:00 pm (CDT). This course is scheduled to meet once a week, Tuesday night, from 7:00-8:30 pm (CDT), starting on July 7th.

Cost: 15 dollars per person per class, totaling to $135 for the entire class. Tuition can be paid through PayPal to [].

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