2020 KASTA Award Nominations
Please use this form to nominate deserving candidates for recognition from KASTA. Nominations will be open until Friday, January 31, 2020. The KASTA State Board will choose award winners for each award from the nominations. The KASTA State Board reserves the authority to choose not to give an award if a suitable nominee is unavailable.

KASTA “Young Teacher of the Year Award”

This award can be given yearly to an outstanding new member of the string teaching profession in recognition of meritorious service and outstanding promise in string and orchestra education. The winner of the award must be a current member of KASTA and must be actively teaching at the time of the award. The teacher must have completed from 1 to 7 years of string teaching and must demonstrate exceptional dedication to teaching and involvement in professional activities.

KASTA “Certificate of Merit Award”

This award is given annually to outstanding string educators whose positive efforts and influence in our field reach beyond the domain of their given job description and benefit the profession or musical growth of other teachers and/or students in the state of Kansas. Such individuals exhibit high standards and have made contributions that are worthy of special recognition. The Certificate of Merit award honors currently active private, public school, or college teachers who are current members of KASTA. As many as three certificates may be awarded annually.

KASTA “Distinguished Service Award”

This award is given for outstanding contributions to cause of string education in the state of Kansas. Candidates for such an award may include retail music dealers, instrument repair persons, school administrators or supervisors, state music administrators, public school and college officials, composers, orchestra conductors and others whose support of string education has been exemplary. The winner of this award need not necessarily be a member of KASTA. One award can be given annually.

KASTA “String Teacher’s Hall of Fame Award”

This award is a lifetime achievement award in recognition of outstanding contributions to string music education. Recipients of this award should have clearly demonstrated selfless devotion, outstanding service, and a long-term commitment to the cause of string teaching and building of string programs in the state of Kansas and/or the United States. Recipients must be a current member of KASTA. This is the highest award given by Kansas ASTA and it is awarded to one individual annually.
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