2019 Gallatin Stream Teams Volunteer Application
All volunteers must commit to:

- A 1 day training to learn about the program and to practice field techniques (historically the last Saturday in June)
- Regular attendance at sampling events throughout the sampling season (The sampling schedule will be determined prior to the training event) **NOTE: This year sampling events will be conducted Monday - Friday.**

Stream Team tasks vary from year to year, but might include:

- Reading water level on a staff gauge
- Collecting water samples for lab analysis
- Measuring pH, conductivity, water temperature, and dissolved oxygen using a meter
- Measuring stream discharge using a flow meter
- Conducting a pebble count with a gravelometer
- Measuring turbidity with a turbidity tube
- Collecting and preserving aquatic macroinvertebrate samples
- Maintaining and downloading data from sensors deployed in the stream

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Thank you for your interest in Gallatin Stream Teams!
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