2019 York Builders Association Construction Career Day School Registration
Event Timing: April 8-10, 2018
Contact us at (717) 767-2444, Melissa@Yorkbuilders.com
The following form can be updated after you submit, please save the form link so you can make changes/updates as needed. By completing this registraiton form you are agreeing to participate and will actively recruit students to participate in this program.
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Your school will be responsible for organizing your own bus transportation. Your invoice will be reimbursed up to $250 by the YBA once a copy is received. Do you accept these terms?
Would your bus and students be able to visit a working job site as part of the event? All safety requirements will be followed. Students may be required to stay on the bus, but would be informed by company staff about the job site and machinery.
Recommended visit duration is approximately 9:30am - 1:30pm, with lunch and drinks provided by the host company. Does this schedule suit you?
Please provide a list of participating student names.
Please provide a list of any food allergies your participating students have so our host company is aware prior to planning lunch.
Please provide a list of prefered company types or specific company names so we can best match your students with our participating members. (for cosideration only)
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Thank you for your interest in this event. We will be in touch to confirm your participation and provide further details as the event gets closer.
You may contact Melissa Longenberger if you have additional questions.
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