Future of Education
The MLTAACT Inc. has been asked by the ACT Education Directorate to capture the views of our members and submit these to the Future of Education conversation.

In February 2017, the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development, announced the commencement of the development of a strategy for the future of education in the ACT.

This stems from the government’s fundamental belief that every child deserves a great education and the life chances which flow from it.

The central question being asked by the ACT Government is: ‘What do we want and expect from our school and early childhood education systems, are they providing it and what might we need to change?’

This is a unique opportunity for our voice to be heard as teachers of languages and to think ‘outside the box’.

Please take the time to respond to the following by Friday 24 November 2017. Thank you

If you could advise Government on future of education, especially in relation to languages education, what would you say?
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What skills and capabilities do you want young people to have?
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What is it that really matters and why?
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How could we do things differently?
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Other comments/thoughts/your voice
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