Seal of Biliteracy Class of 2019
Congratulations to you and your students! OFLTA would like to recognize their achievements on our website and social media platforms. Please fill out the form below so that we can accurately report Your school/districts' Seal of Biliteracy accomplishment. If you would like to have your student's picture (with their teacher/administrator/etc) on our website, please obtain permission from your student and teacher and email Whitney at Please include the students' first name, school and language(s) that they received the SOB. Thank you for promoting World Languages!
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Language(s) and number of students that qualified in that/those language(s) by school site, if there are multiple high schools in your district. This question is optional. (Example: Westmoore High School: Spanish - 10; French 10. Moore High School: Spanish 10; French 10. Etc . . .)
Is there anything else that we need to know about your SOB qualifiers, or any additional comments/suggestions?
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