Application form Alcatraz 2018
You have a disability and you wish to use the facilities? Fill in this form and send evidence for your disability to The entered data will only be used for Alcatraz and entered into the internal database of Inter. Inter will under no circumstances transmit personal information to third parties. You can ask to consult or have deleted your data at any time by sending an e-mail to

If you have a disability, you are to purchase tickets through the usual channels.
Do you have a visual impairment and is it not possible to fill in this form: please send an email to and mention your phone-number. We will contact you to fill in this application together.

You don't need to fill in this form to bring folding chairs: everybody can take them in.
Medication and special food/drinks can be brought in if you can show a medical statement at the entrance. It is not necessary to fill in this form.

Please fill in the request form for facilities for people with a disability before August 1st.

Personal data
Surname disabled person *
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First name disabled person *
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Contact person
Fill in the blank if the disabled person is not the contact person.
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E-mail address *
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Portable phone number *
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Street *
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Number *
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Additional number
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Postal code *
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City *
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Only necessary if you do not live in Belgium
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Type of impairment *
Also people with a temporary disability can use the facilities. Mention this clearly and give extra information next to ‘Anders’.
Facilities for people with a disability
Inter will decide which facilities you can use based upon the nature of your disability. We ask you to send us a document to show that you have a disability: all scans or photos of documents (parking cards, medical certificates, medical statements…) are to be send to Be sure to mention your name and the event in question.

We will confirm your application after having received the document in question.

Are you coming by car? *
Attention: Only a limited number of parking spaces is available. If you demand one, we will let you know if there is one available. Only 1 parking permit can be requested per disabled person.
Are you staying at the dedicated camping site? If so, how many people will be staying there (yourself included) *
The dedicated campsite is at the front of the regular campsite. Cars/Mobile homes/Campers are not allowed. There are accessible toilets, showers and a nursingroom. Every disabled person can bring max. 4 friends to stay with him/her at the camping site. Attention: you also have to have regular campsite tickets.
Do you need more space because of your impairment? Please tell us why this is necessary.
We only dispose of a restricted surface so we would like to ask you not to occupy more space than necessary (for ex: two people sleep in a 2-person-tent) If you need more space because of your impairment, you can indicate this below.
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Do you need electricity at the camping site because of medical reasons? *
If so, you need to bring an extension cable of a sufficient length (30m).
Please tell us briefly why you need electricity at the camping site. *
If you do not need electricity, please write 'not applicable'. We only provide electricity as far as your tent if this is necessary for your disability (for ex: in case of sleep apnea or if you need other electric appliances). Electric wheelchairs can be charged in the care area where we provide a charging point (so we do not provide electricity as far as your tent).
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Would you like assistance from our Inter volunteers during the festival? *
Do you wish to use the alternative entrance for people with health conditions or impairments? *
Only 1 companion can accompany you through this entrance. This way you do not have to queue in the crowd and you can enter and exit the festival easily.
Is it necessary for you to access the wheelchair platforms at the festival? *
Only 1 companion can accompany you on the platform. Wheelchair users have priority.
Which days are you coming to the festival? *
The dedicated camping and parking site open on Fridaymorning. It is not necessary/possible to arrive early. The dedicated camping and parking site close on Monday at 12h00. Please be sure to leave before closing time.
If you wish to add other comments which are relevant for this event, please fill them in below.
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I understand that my request is final after having send a medical certificate or a copy of my European blue parking card AND after having received approval by e-mail. *
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