Camp Road Survey
The 30 Mile River Watershed Association is collecting information on the status of road associations and camp roads throughout the 30 Mile River Watershed to better meet the needs of our community. In the future, we will be providing resources such as technical assistance, workshops, online tools, road management plans, and matching funds.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. It will take about 5 minutes to complete. All information provided here is confidential.

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What camp road do you have property on? *
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How long have you been on this camp road?
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How many homes and camps (approximately) are on your camp road?
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What percentage of property owners use your road year-round?
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Does your camp road have a road association? *
If so, which type? *
Are you a member of this road association?
If so, how long have you been a member?
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Who is the main point of contact for your road association? *
Please list their name, phone number, and email address if available. (If you do not have a road association, please write N/A).
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May we contact this person regarding your camp road?
How satisfied are you with the current condition of your road? *
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Do you have a written management plan for your road? *
How are maintenance and repair costs currently funded? *
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Please describe any maintenance concerns on your camp road (e.g. broken culverts, lack of ditches, frequent washouts, etc.).
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Please list any technical support needs that would help you better maintain your camp road.
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What are some of the challenges you face with road management?
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Have you ever attended a workshop on camp road maintenance and/or road association management?
If so, when and where was this workshop, and how was it helpful?
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Would you be interested in attending a workshop about camp road maintenance and management?
Would you be interested in attending a workshop about creating and managing a road association?
I have a good understanding of the relationship between road conditions and our lake's water quality.
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