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Commerce Virtual Agreement
I will have reliable Wi-Fi at home and understand it may not be provided by the district.
I will be expected to check in with the Commerce Virtual instructor weekly, complete seat hours as directed if necessary, and comply with his/her directions.
I am required to attend class meetings, mentoring sessions, and meetings with counselors/administrators.
Enrollment in online courses must meet all state mandated compulsory attendance requirements, and I am not exempt from state truancy laws.
I must maintain satisfactory attendance by logging on and accessing courses on a regular basis. If a course is not accessed for 10 consecutive school calendar days, the student is at risk of having the course disabled and/or being dismissed from the virtual program. A student violating the attendance requirement may face consequences. Consequences could include the following: 1) being returned to the traditional setting for disciplinary measures or 2) withdrawn from enrollment from Commerce Public Schools and noted as a dropout.
I understand if my grade falls below 60% I will be required to come to school in person.
I can be permanently dismissed from the Commerce Virtual School for violation of plagiarism, cheating, or inappropriate communication found in violation of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. This includes copying and pasting directly from internet sites.
I must complete the Student Internet Access Agreement for Commerce Public Schools.
Each student is to use their assigned login/password and will not access other student work or folders.
Test and exams may be required to be proctored in the lab per the CVS instructor.
The content of the online courses is as rigorous as that found in the traditional school setting and an equal number of hours are expected from students to ensure course completion at the close of the academic semester.
All rules and policies of Commerce Public Schools are applicable to me as a virtual student. The student handbook and district policy book are located on the school website.

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