Waterwise Year 5 & 6 - Term 4, 2019
Welcome to your child’s Waterwise sessions for Year 5 and 6 pupils in term 4 2019. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in a series of activities that will help them to be safe in and on the water.

On the date listed below, your child will be undertaking Waterwise activities provided they can swim 25 metres unassisted, displaying a survival swimming technique. These are breaststroke, backstroke or doggy paddle. We will be retesting all year 5 students and year 6 students, in our school pool, who were unable to attend Waterwise in 2019 term 1, due to either illness or lacking confidence to swim 25 metres.

Each class will have a whole day at the Murrays Bay Sailing Club as follows:

Week 5 Year 5 Term 4
Monday -11 November, Mr Walker
Tuesday – 12th November, Mrs Malherbe
Wednesday -13th November, Miss Mills
Thursday – 14th November, Mrs Orchard
Friday – 15th November, Mrs Kruger

Week 6 Year 6 Term 4
Monday 18th November, K2 Miss Hotta
Tuesday: 19th November, K4 Mr Lawton
Wednesday 20th November, K1 Mrs Fannin
Thursday 21st November, K3 Mr Jacobs
Friday 22nd November, Save Date

The students will be walking down to the beach for each session, and will need to bring/ wear the following:
- Sun hat
- Drink
- Shoes/suitable footwear
- Sunscreen
- Togs & towel
- T-shirt / shorts
- Lunch and morning tea
- Wet suit or rash shirt (if available)

For safety reasons the adult / student ratio on the water is 1:4. To ensure small groups and maximise learning we need as much parent help as possible. If you are able to assist in our programme, please complete the return slip below and return it to school as soon as possible.

This is a fantastic programme that requires your help. Please think about offering your assistance, even for classes that your child is not in! If you know of a trained Waterwise Instructor in the area, please forward their name and phone number to your child’s teacher.

All costs associated with Waterwise will be met through the Pupil Services Fee, for which we are most grateful.

Please email your child’s teacher if you are able to assist in this programme.

Kind Regards

Caryn Johannesson
Waterwise Co-ordinator
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