KMEK Sharon Parks Memorial Scholarship- due May 15th
Sharon Parks, a founding member of the Kodály Music Educators of Kansas, was full of unconditional love and unending joy in all of her life's endeavors. As a teacher, she was incredibly energetic and believed that she could change the lives of her students through the music and love she shared with them. In our chapter, she filled each event with joyfulness and was always eager to share a song, story, puppet show, or singing game! The Sharon Parks Memorial Scholarship was founded in the fall of 2012 to assist those who strive to bring high quality music education to the children of Kansas.

The purpose of the Sharon Parks Memorial Scholarship is to provide partial funding to a KMEK member toward study in the Wichita State University Kodály Certification program.

The Sharon Parks Memorial Scholarship does not examine financial need as a criterion for awards.

1. Be on the KMEK email list (email if you're not)
2. Currently teach or be actively involved in music education
3. Exhibit a strong desire to study the Kodály Concept.
4. Have completed Pre-Registration for upcoming WSU certification courses (Level I, II, or III).

Scholarship Requirements: Only completed applications which fulfill these stated requirements by the deadline will be considered. COLLECT THE FOLLOWING ITEMS, THEN RETURN TO THIS ONLINE FORM, PASTE YOUR RESPONSES, AND FINALLY CLICK "SUBMIT". Lauren Hirsh will collect all information and pass along the anonymous applications to the committee.

1. Complete application through this online form (you are on page one and the application continues on subsequent pages).
2. Include (copy into this online form) an essay that addresses the following:
Describe your interest in studying the Kodály Concept of Music Education.
Describe your role in bringing the joy of music to your students and to other music educators within our KMEK chapter and beyond.
We recommend expressing your thoughts in approximately 300-400 words.

TO KEEP APPLICATIONS ANONYMOUS, PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION (including your school district, name of your school or choir, etc)
3. List your educational background and professional experience (copy into this form)
3. A letter of recommendation has been requested in the past - BUT NOT THIS YEAR!
4. If selected for the scholarship, you will be expected to write a reflection of your certification experience which may be published online and in KMEK mailings and/or MKMEA Bulletin.
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