CUR Christmas/Holidays Survey
THANKYOUSOMUCH for taking the time to complete this survey! I know the deals + sales get wilder every year around the holidays, and my goal is to keep holiday shopping JOYFUL and NOT STRESSFUL so that you can focus on what truly matters this Christmas season. :)

This should take just a few minutes to complete and will help SO MUCH in helping me help you this season!
What price point are you trying to stay at/under for others on your list? How much will you spend on each person?
Will you be doing the bulk of your shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend?
When I'm shopping online during holiday sales, I'm mostly shopping for...
What kinds of items are you shopping for YOURSELF this season that you'd like help searching for? (Select any/all that apply!)
What kinds of items are you shopping for OTHERS this season that you'd like help searching for? (Select any/all that apply!)
Are you more likely to buy an item if you see me wear/style it?
Gift Guides you definitely want to see?
How important is free shipping to you?
What's your biggest pain point, frustration, or struggle when it comes to the holidays?
Your answer
Where do you mostly follow me/CUR?
How often do you read the blog?
What kind of content would you like to see around the holidays in general? (Please select all that apply)
How would you prefer to learn about my favorite products to purchase for gifts or for yourself? Please select your favorite!
Do you have any requests for more featured items from specific stores? Or any requests for brands you'd want to see me partner with this season? (I.E. "I'd like to see you style more clothing from Old Navy!" or "Would love you to partner with Walmart for more affordable holiday outfits!")
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Anything other topic requests? Anything else you'd like to add or any feedback, or specific requests for me in general?
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