Remote Ops and Customer Experience Lead - $60,000/year (Full time)
We believe resumes and interviews are an antiquated and inaccurate read of a person's ability. Instead, we’d like to ask you to take this real-world assessment to measure your fit for this role. These four questions will give you insight into the day-to-day work of this role -- while it acts as an evaluation tool for us to see if you are a good fit, it should also give you insight (better than the job description!) into the role and whether you’d enjoy it. Our team will evaluate each submission and reach out to the top candidates for interviews within three business days.
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1. Below is a real customer complaint. Please imagine you are in this role and write the response you would send to the customer. Since you don’t have all the information, please make reasonable assumptions about how we would remedy the situation.

There is growing frustration on the Board and among our homeowners with the attention we’re getting from All Star Lawns and the lack of follow through. Here are some examples:

1. Three weeks ago, Fred and I drove our neighborhood and noted dead vegetation that needed to be removed. Some of it was removed, but much of it remains.
2. Two weeks ago I requested an estimate from Fred for replacement of plants that died in February and new groundcover for a homeowner. I’ve been assured it was coming, but I haven’t seen it. The homeowner got fed up and decided to plant the groundcover himself.
3. Neighbors report seeing your crew blowing leaves into the storm sewer rather than bagging.

Please let me know how you will address our issues.


Edgar Dillan
South Tiger Villas HOA
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Background: you are supporting a landscaping business and a pool cleaning business. Each business receives 10 phone calls, 15 emails, and 5 text messages per day. Each of these messages come flying in at random times throughout the day with different levels of urgency and importance. The landscaping business has an irrigation lead and a maintenance lead who handle their respective areas. The pool business likewise has a lifeguard lead and a cleaning lead.
2. How would you organize your day as the head of customer success in this scenario? *
3. Please record a 1-3 minute screen share recording of your favorite software. Please select a tool you’ve used in the past that helps you solve a business problem and describe why you like working with the software in your recording. Please upload a link to the screen share recording and make sure that anyone with the link can view the video. *
We want to build a modern and automated billing infrastructure for our businesses. One of the companies we purchased had an invoicing system described below. Please outline the concrete steps you would take to modernize, simplify, and automate the existing workflow. For the new system you design, please call out how you might collect any missing data that does not exist in the current system. For this question, please assume we do not want to accept credit cards.
Background: Customers are mailed a monthly invoice (some are mailed on the last day of the month after the work is completed while others are mailed on the first of every month before the work is completed). Customers mail their checks to the office and the office admin matches checks to the correct invoice and drives to the bank to deposit checks a few times per month.
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