Dalacarlia Fifa Cup
Anmäl dig här till årets Fifa cup!
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1v1 Rules:
- Game Mode: Kick off (Online Rosters)
- Difficulty: World Class
- Stadium: Any
- Match Conditions: Clear and Sunny
- Half Length: 6 min
- No warm-up or practice Games are permitted once the first tournament match has begun.
- Players may not use any custom teams or players for this competition.
- A player may utilize the pause feature for no longer than a minute.
- When the ball has gone out of play, or a penalty has been called, the player WITH POSSESSION may elect to pause the game.
- In the event of an overtime use classic mode. If at the end of classic mode over time (which goes until the 120th minute) the game is still tied, you then restart the match now playing golden goal rules under the normal default ruleset (first team to score whens). Continue restarting the match until one team scores and wins according to golden goal rules.
- Abusing in game mechanics will result in the loss of that game.
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