alienmandy's 2019 commission form
Hi! Thank you so much for being interested in my commissions! Please view this link: for a full list of examples, options, and prices, and make sure you've read both the FAQ and the Terms & Conditions before filling in this form!

All commissions will require an upfront paypal payment in USD. For commissions over $50, payments will be 50% upfront and 50% upon presentation of the initial sketch. Additional characters (up to a maximum of 4 characters per image) will be an extra 50% of the base price of the commission tier each.

An email confirming your commission will be sent to the one you provide within a few days - but if for some reason you don't hear back within a week please contact me at Specific deadlines will only be met if requested, and might incur additional fees. You can expect your commission to take 1 week - 2 months depending on complexity and current backlog.

Please make sure the email address you provide is one that you check regularly! All subsequent communication will be thru email.

I reserve the right to deny or cancel and refund any commission at my desire at any time.
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