TAR Dog Foster Application
Hello! Thank you for applying to foster with TAR. Before you complete this application, you must go to tarnj.org/fosterresources to read about who we are and how we work to be sure that our foster program is a good fit for you, your lifestyle and your family.

Please do apply if:
-You are committed to providing a safe home for a dog until it is adopted, even if that takes months.
-You are kind, patient and understand that we are volunteers just like you and we really also like our homes and families and jobs and need time for all of that in addition to rescue work.
-You are committed to following guidelines around decompression, training, medical care and feeding.
-You are committed to addressing your concerns with us - through the proper channels - and not by posting things on social media. 
-You are going to work to try to get your dog adopted too. We provide tips and events but we do ask that fosters take an active role in promoting their fosters.

Please don't apply if:
-You have been banned from fostering for other rescues
-You bash rescues, shelters or are just generally mean or negative on social media
-You think that you can bring the dog "back" somewhere if it isn't fitting in. We don't have anywhere to bring the dog back to. When you apply to foster, you are agreeing to do it until the dog is adopted, which can take months. And yes, even if it barks too much, doesn't walk well on a leash, gets in a little fight with your other dog, pees in your house, etc. We will work with you on all of this, but there's not magical place to move the foster dog too. You are taking it into your home until it is adopted. Period.

So - if you're read the info at the link above and you fit into the first group, please continue with the application and contact us at info@tarnj.org with any questions along the way!
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How tall is your fence? If you don't have one just enter N/A.
A fence is NOT required to foster. This just helps us determine which dog might or might not be a good fit as some pups benefit greatly from having a fenced-in yard.
Please list two professional references. This cannot be family or friends. If you've fostered for another rescue or adopted before, a great reference would be that shelter or shelter. *
If yes, please provide the name of the rescue and a contact name, email and phone number below. *
Please enter the names, relation and age of all people living in your home.
Ex: Mary, mother, 64
Joe, father, 64
Please enter the names, ages and types of any animals living in your home *
Do you have any canines or felines living in your house or regular visitors that are not spayed or neutered? *
Please provide your most recent veterinarian's name and phone number (plus put n/a if not applicable) *
Please indicate the type of dog you are willing to foster.
Where would your foster dog stay when you were not home? *
How many hours on average would your foster dog be alone? *
Do you have experience, special training, or skills to deal with the following types of dogs?
Did you read the entire program description at tarnj.org/fosterresources and do you understand the program parameters and do you agree to follow them? *
WAIVER OF LIABILITY. INITIAL BELOW:  In consideration for being permitted by Trenton Animals Rock to participate as a volunteer foster care provider, I hereby waive, release, and discharge any and all claims and damages for personal injury, death, or property damage which I may sustain or may which hereafter accrue as a result of my participation as a volunteer and resulting from negligence or misconduct of Trenton Animals Rock. This release is intended to discharge in advance Trenton Animals Rock, its Directors, Officers, and/or agents to include their heirs, agents, representatives, successors and assignees from and against any and all liabilities, actions, claims, demands, costs, or expenses arising from or in any way connected with my participation as a volunteer and resulting from the negligence or misconduct of Trenton Animals Rock. *
WAIVER OF LIABILITY. INITIAL BELOW:  I further agree to indemnify and to hold Trenton Animals Rock, its Directors, Officers, and/or agents free and harmless from any loss, liability, damage, cost or expense which they may incur as a result of any injury and/or property damage I may sustain while participating as a volunteer. I agree that all services I provide are charitable in nature and entirely voluntary, and there will be no compensation of any kind for the performance thereof. Further I have been fully advised that as a non-employee I am not covered by worker’s compensation and am not covered under any medical insurance plan associated with my volunteer position with Trenton Animals Rock. *
WAIVER OF LIABILITY. INITIAL BELOW:  I understand that various activities involving dogs and/or puppies can be hazardous in nature involving the possibility of being bitten, scratched, jumped on, dragged or knocked over. The possibility of serious accidents and/or injury can occur during participation in volunteer activities. Knowing the risks involved nevertheless I have voluntarily applied to participate in the foster program and I hereby agree to assume all risks of injury, and to release and hold harmless Trenton Animals Rock, its Directors, Officers, and/or agents who through negligence or carelessness might otherwise be liable to me. *
WAIVER OF LIABILITY. INITIAL BELOW:  I hereby grant Trenton Animals Rock permission to use my likeness in a photograph/video on the Trenton Animals Rock website, social media pages, collateral materials, signage, advertising, etc and/or designated repository (e.g. Flickr, Shutterfly, Dropbox) without payment or any other consideration. I hereby irrevocably authorize Trenton Animals Rock to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute any photos/videos taken of or by me for purposes of publicizing the Trenton Animals Rock organization or for any other lawful purpose. *
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