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Thank you for your time and consideration to complete this survey. Your insights and feedback are important, and help us to better understand what families may want to know about digital safety and wellbeing for their children and young people. It will also help us to plan learning opportunities for whānau, and students. 

When we use the word 'internet' or 'online', or 'digital device', this includes any device you or your children use such as a mobile phone, Play Station, Chromebook, computer, tablet etc.  Also, it includes any website, app, email, searching on Google, chatting online, watching Youtube and any other things you or your children might do on the internet.

All responses are anonymous and optional, and we don't collect any identifying information. We are interested in the collective feedback to help inform what we can do as a school to best support our students and community. 

Thank you for taking the time to work through the following questions and provide us with your responses, thoughts, and ideas. 

This is a Te Horo School project, support by Generation Online NZ.
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Do you use the internet for your own interests and needs? (non work related use)
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If you selected 'No, I don't use the internet', please choose from the following any reasons this might be so.
How confident are you in keeping yourself safe and your information secure online?
Not confident
Very confident
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What do you think the biggest challenges are for children and teens online, and what concerns you the most? 
List or jot down your thoughts below.
How confident are you in keeping your children safe online? *
Not confident
Very confident
On any given week day, how much time on average would your youngest child spend online doing 'their own thing' (non school based activities)?
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What are the main things your child does when they go online in their own time (non school based activities)?
Choose all those that are the MAIN activities
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How often if ever, has your child done any of these things?
Hardly ever
A few times
Very often
Told you about things that have bothered them or upset them on the internet
Helped you do something online or on a digital device (mobile phone, computer etc)
Talked to you about what activities they do online
Asked you for help about something they can't do, or can't handle themselves online
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Receiving, seeing, hearing, or searching for information about keeping yourself and your children safe online - Choose all those true for you.
In New Zealand, the Harmful Digital Communications Act was passed in 2015. How familiar are you with this legislation and how it can help?
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Netsafe is New Zealand's agency to help those in NZ who are experiencing online concerns or harm. How aware are you of their role, resources, and services?
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Do you have any rules, expectations or routines at home about how your children use the internet or devices?
Select as many of the options that apply.
Have you changed settings, or put controls or locks on any of YOUR digital devices that your child also uses often or occasionally - e.g. your mobile phone, iPad or tablet, laptop? 
Choose those options that apply.
About your children and the internet - do you know if they have:
Choose your level of awareness for each statement.
No awareness of this
Somewhat aware
Mostly aware
Very aware
Column 5
If they have had contact with someone online they didn't know in real life
If they've been treated in a hurtful or upsetting way online
If they've treated someone else in a way was hurtful, upsetting, or offensive online
What their favourite things are that they do online
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Select any, or as many of the options below that apply. These are possible CONCERNS, as you think about your child(ren) and their online engagement. 
If we/I have any concerns about our/my child we know...
Select all those that are true 
Are there topics you'd like to learn more about in keeping safe online and ways to help your children to develop as responsible online citizens?
List or jot down any ideas or thoughts that would be helpful. 
If you could learn about these topics, what ways would be most helpful e.g. short presentations, hands-on workshops, newsletter information, school social media posts, flyers, etc.
Are there any other comments, ideas, thoughts or questions about anything related to this survey topic?
Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey. Our next steps will be to gather the collective feedback and analyse this so we can then plan how we can best respond to the ideas, needs and comments. 

Questions have been created by Generation Online, with some adaptations or questions sourced from Global Kids Online under the Attributive Non-Commercial Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC).
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