Way of the Weaver Application 2020
Welcome! We are so glad you've decided to apply. If you'd rather apply by recording a video or audio file, that's fine too, just email it to mountainsongexpeditions@gmail.com.
What is your name? You can list whatever name you'd like to be called in this program! *
What are your pronouns? Common choices include: she/her, he/him, and they/them (but we welcome all the others too!).
What email should we use to contact you? *
What is a good phone number where we can reach you? *
What is your full mailing address? *
Why have you decided to apply to the Way of the Weaver training? What are you most interested in learning? *
Tell us a little bit about your spiritual background and identity. If you have studied with a particular teacher or tradition in the past, we're curious to hear about it! *
What role do you usually play in a group? What strengths & skills will you contribute to our learning community? *
Do you have any concerns or questions you'd like to ask us about? This could be about the curriculum, your personal readiness, accessibility concerns, or questions about payment plans.
Do you have a personal definition of a Weaver (or Priest/Priestess/Priestx or Witch) that you'd like to share? How do you plan to use these skills to be of service in your community? *
What are your dietary restrictions? *
Do you have any medical conditions or allergies that we should know about in an emergency? If you don't usually go by your legal name, you can share it here as confidential medical information. *
Please list the contact information for at least one emergency contact, and tell us what their relationship is to you (friend, partner, parent, etc). If they know you by a different name than you will be using in this program, you can list that too. *
Thank you for applying!
Either Murphy or Jamie will be in touch soon to schedule a phone call with you to discuss the program. Once we've spoken to you on the phone to make sure this is a good fit then you can pay the $500 deposit to hold your place in the class.
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