TPOMR Registration Form 2021
The 2021 Texas Peace Officers Memorial Ride will take place on Friday, April 30, 2021 - Sunday, May 2, 2021.


The Board has approved a few changes to the payment schedule to allow for the uncertainty of Covid, the climate towards law enforcement and the budgetary effects both of these have or will have on departments. In an effort to provide flexibility in fundraising, the $100 deposit is NOT required to be made to secure your registration. However, the deposit and final payment deadlines that are set will be followed for participation. In the event that the ride is cancelled or moved virtual, all money raised will be donated to the Texas C.O.P.S. Chapters.

In order to participate you must:

1. Complete all required fields and submit this form by DECEMBER 1, 2020.

2. Submit a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE/NON-TRANSFERABLE DEPOSIT to participate as a rider, driver or hotel/food support by DECEMBER 31, 2020. Due to the uncertainty of the future, we WILL NOT require the deposit be made to complete registration and secure your spot in the event. Completing this Google form will complete your registration and secure your spot. (While not required, financial donations from motor, medic & bike tech participants would be greatly appreciated to help defray the cost of lodging and food.) Completed registrations are accepted on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis until all positions are at capacity or the DECEMBER 1, 2020 application deadline has expired.

3. Submit remaining registration fees IN FULL BY FEBRUARY 1, 2021. Any participant who has not submitted the minimum registration fees ($600 for riders/$300 for drivers and hotel/food support) will be removed as a participant. Registration fees cover the cost of the ride including: 2 nights of hotel, 5 meals, snacks, appropriate uniforms (1 jersey per rider/2 t-shirts per driver and hotel/food support) and a TPOMR t-shirt.

Please use a PERSONAL email address and NOT a department email address. We communicate via Constant Contact emails and oftentimes the emails will not be delivered to work email addresses.

Email address *
Last Name *
First Name *
Gender *
Date of Birth *
Street Address *
City *
State *
Zip Code *
Phone Number (preferred) *
Phone Number (alternate)
Law Enforcement Affiliation *
LEO Department/Agency (please do not use abbreviations) *
If you checked Active or Retired Law Enforcement as your Law Enforcement Affiliation, please put your DEPARTMENT/AGENCY below. If you checked Survivor as your Law Enforcement Affiliation, please put your OFFICERS NAME, DEPARTMENT/AGENCY AND EOW below. If you checked Sponsored Participant as your Law Enforcement Affiliation, please put the SPONSORING OFFICERS NAME, RELATIONSHIP TO SPONSORING OFFICER AND DEPARTMENT/AGENCY OF SPONSORING OFFICER and PHONE NUMBER OF SPONSOR below.
Participant Type *
WE WILL BE LIMITING PARTICIPATION TO 125 RIDERS AND 200 TOTAL PARTICIPANTS. Rider registration fees are a minimum of $600 (non-refundable/non-transferable). Hotel/Food Support and Driver registration fees are a minimum of $300 (non-refundable/non-transferable). Motor escorts, medics & bike techs have no required registration fees, but are encouraged to fundraise to help defray the cost of lodging and food. ***Only vehicles (department vehicles/team trailers) approved by the board will be allowed to participate in the procession. Other vehicles (food support/hotel support/other non-approved vehicles) will travel independent of the procession. If you are registering as a Driver please answer the next question.
Drivers Only (please answer)
If you are registering to participate as a driver, please choose one of the following statements that best corresponds to your expected participation in this year's event.
Clear selection
Band of Honor (Fallen Officer Information)
In addition to financially supporting our survivors, our mission is to honor the fallen. We do this by wearing wristbands inscribed with the name of a fallen officer during the 3 days of our event. If you would like to participate in honor of a specific fallen officer, please list OFFICER NAME/DEPARTMENT/EOW below. If left blank, a fallen officer will be assigned to you. ***Due to the expected number of 2019 and 2020 officers being added to the memorial in 2021, we will be limiting the number of participants who ride in honor of individual officers. We will give preference to survivors who want to ride for their loved one.
Requested Hotel Room Type *
Desired Roommate (Last Name)
There are NO SINGLE ROOMS ASSIGNED. If you would like to choose your desired roommate, please list their LAST name below. IF YOU DO NOT SPECIFY A ROOMMATE, ONE WILL BE ASSIGNED TO YOU.
Desired Roommate (First Name)
There are NO SINGLE ROOMS ASSIGNED. If you would like to choose your desired roommate, please list their FIRST name below. IF YOU DO NOT SPECIFY A ROOMMATE, ONE WILL BE ASSIGNED TO YOU.
T-Shirt Size *
Every participant will receive a TPOMR t-shirt. Please put your t-shirt size below.
Jersey Size *
Due to increasing issues with jersey sizing, we are now requiring riders to request the size jersey they want. We will order jerseys based on this information. PAST PARTICIPANTS: we will be using the same jersey vendor this year, you can order based on the comfort/fit of jerseys you have been given in past rides. NEW PARTICIPANTS: as a reference, we have historically ordered jerseys 2 sizes LARGER than your t-shirt size for a comfortable fit.
Would you like bus transportation from Austin to San Antonio? *
Our event begins in San Antonio on Friday and ends in Austin on Sunday. Bus transportation will be provided from Austin to San Antonio on Friday for the start of the event. If you choose to drive to San Antonio for the start of the event, it will be YOUR responsibility to get back to San Antonio to recover your vehicle.
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