Gen Con GM Badge Allocation Request Form - 2017
Use this form to request an allocation of GM badges so you can assign them to your individual GMs.

Only gaming groups and companies may request a badge allocation before the convention. Independent GMs should simply buy an attendee badge and submit for reimbursement after the convention.

You (or anyone else they designate below) can pick up all of your GM badges at GM HQ starting Wednesday night at the convention. They are picked up as a single packet, it is not possible to have GMs pick up just their own badges.

Once tha allocation has been created, you will need to assign each badge to all of your GMs. The badges do not actually exist and will not be printed until they are assigned to specific individuals. If you request an allocation and do not receive a reply within a few days confirming it has been created and you can start assigning badges, please email

If any of your GMs need a badge for any reason before you have an allocation or have assigned them a badge, they can simply buy an attendee badge. If they receive a GM badge before fulfillment begins, we will automatically refund them when they receive their GM badge. After that, they can request a refund as normal.

Anyone receiving a GM badge that already has an attendee badge but did not receive an automatic refund must drop their attendee badge off at GM HQ by Thursday of the convention in order to receive a refund.

If you or your GMs have any questions about the badge process, do not hesitate to email

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Only gaming groups and companies are eligible for GM badge allocations before the convention. Independent and individual GMs should buy a normal attendee badge and request reimbursement after the convention.
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Who else do you want to authorize to pick up or make changes to your badges onsite?
Any individuals you list here will be able to pick up all of your badges onsite, as well as add new badges and return unneeded badges for replacements. They will need photo ID to confirm their identity.
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