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Hello! Before we embark on our consulting sessions, I'd love to get a few questions out of the way so that we don't waste your paid time on administrative stuff. If you don't get a confirmation screen after you submit or if you have additional questions or concerns, please email me at Please make sure to copy and paste the scheduling link into your browser in a new tab before you submit the form and schedule a date if you'd like to lock down your consulting times.
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By contracting with me (Rachel Kacenjar/Work in Progress Consulting) you understand that your sessions must be paid in advance of 48 hours before your appointment date. I will send you an invoice as soon as your appointment is confirmed on my calendar. You understand that if your consultation dates are not paid in advance, your session will automatically be canceled. Sessions are non-refundable once paid for, but are absolutely reschedule-able. You also understand that neither myself, nor Work in Progress is capable of making nor is liable for legal decisions on behalf of yourself or your business. By initialing below, you are indicating that you've read and understand these terms. *
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