The purpose of this written interview is to get to know you better as a person and a professional. The questions are intended to make you think about who you are, why you want to work with me, and how you can be successful in this role.

Speaking of this role - you are applying for the Operations and Program Manager position*.

(Depending on your experience and proven abilities to learn and grow, you may be hired as Operations and Program Assistant. If this is the case, then I would expect that you will strive to become the "Manager" as soon as possible. Don't worry. If you don't think you have the experience to be the "Manager" yet, but you are willing to put in the time and stretch yourself, then I will give you every opportunity to exceed my expectations.)

Here's what that it means to be the Operations and Program Manager:

Operations - you will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business.

This includes:
- On-boarding clients that enroll in our various coaching programs and digital products
- Designing world-class experiences for our clients that help them achieve results
- Developing industry leading content that provides value for our audience

Programs - you will assist in the design, development, and production of various coaching programs and digital products that will be marketed and sold to construction business owners, executives, and managers.

Here are the duties of the Operations and Program Manager:
- Schedule client coaching calls
- Manage the execution of programs
- Produce digital content (written, graphics, video and audio) and the ability to use the various forms of software these types of content require
- Assist Shawn in coordinating speaking gigs and corporate training events
- Research digital content and assist in copy writing, editing, and publishing

Here's how we are going to measure your success:
- Tracking and meeting the schedule of the content calendar
- Production of profitable programs, projects, and products
- Establishing and meeting your "Learning Curve" - you will be required to set and meet quarterly goals

Does this job description intimidate you? Be honest, it probably should. It's a lot to take in. But I promise, for the right person, this is going to be a lot of fun.

You will create your own opportunities. There is no safety net. If we don't hunt it down, kill it and drag it back to the cave, then we don't eat.

If I offer you the job, and you decide to accept, then I promise I will do everything in my power to make you successful...if you make the same promise to me.

One last thing before you dig into the written interview.

I have discovered my calling. I am on a mission to change the way the world views the trades by providing world-class education to the construction industry, participating with my clients in the success of their businesses, and inspiring leaders to achieve greatness.

I have an obligation to use my God-given gifts and help others succeed.

I care very deeply about my audience, my customers, and my clients.

If you would like to join me on this mission, then please answer the questions below.

- Shawn

PS. This position is for US citizens only. You will work remotely. This is for a part-time to full-time salaried position - it depends on your abilities and experience.

- Be honest. It won't serve either of us if you embellish your answers.
- It's ok to not know. If your answer is "I don't know" or "I'm not sure", then write that. There are no wrong answers.
- Take your time. Don't rush this.
- There's a question at the end called "What else would you like me to know about you?" Use that section to fill in any gaps.
Contact Information
The Basic Stuff
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I don't believe in resumes. I want to see your portfolio - the work you have created.
What can you do? *
Tell me what you're good at (as it relates to the job description).
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What have you done? *
This is where you tell me about the work you have done as it relates to the job description. Feel free to list your previous positions, but I really want to know about your previous experiences. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM YOUR RESUME.
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Where can I see your work? *
This is your portfolio. Give me some links that show me your work. It could be links to videos, graphics, and social media stuff (if that's your work) or it could be a link to something else you have created. Show me the stuff you have put out into the world. Feel free to upload your work to a Dropbox folder and share that link with me. But I need to see your work.
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What do you enjoy most about the work you listed above? *
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How will your experiences help you excel in this role? *
I understand that you may need more information about the specifics of the job to feel confident to answer this question, but give it a try anyway.
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We are going to be spending a lot of time together, so it makes sense that I know who you are, what makes you tick, and where you want to go.
What are you most proud of (personally or professional or both)? *
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What is the greatest struggle you have overcome in your life (personally or professionally)? *
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What did you learn by overcoming the struggle listed above? *
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How did that experience change you? *
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What do you do for fun? or How do you unwind/relax? *
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What sport(s) did you play in high school/college? What sport(s) do you play now? *
Were you any good? :)
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What are your goals for the next 6 to 12 months? *
Goals are only dreams if they are not written down. Only answer this question if your goals are written down. Otherwise, put "I don't know."
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You're almost done.
Why do you want to work with me? *
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How would your spouse/best friend/colleague describe your strengths? *
(Hint...you may want to ask that person before you answer this question)...And do you agree with what that person said. Why or why not?
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How would your spouse/best friend/colleague describe your weaknesses? *
(Hint...you may want to ask that person before you answer this question)...And do you agree with what that person said. Why or why not?
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Are you willing to take a personality test as part of this interview process? *
I like to use the StrengthsFinder and MyersBrigg tests to learn more about you. This will come later (after a face-to-face interview) but I figured I should ask now.
(Optional) What else would you like me to know about you?
Feel free to be as detailed as you want.
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