Mask request form for medical or community based organizations
At this time, we are supporting local health and community service organizations to consolidate our efforts. Our guild is volunteer service only, as we are available. We are assembling masks as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in a mask for yourself or family member, instructions for making a mask are available online. We link to a few options on our website,
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What organization will benefit from this mask donation?
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Contact person *
Who may we contact at the organization for followup?
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Organization's address, where we would be delivering the mask donation.
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Number of masks - Adult *
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Number of masks - Child/Pediatric
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Tie/Elastic preference *
Elastic is known to contain latex. Also, it is in relatively short supply for us to supply all masks with elastic. Please choose whether elastic or fabric/ribbon ties would be acceptable.
Pocket preference *
A pocket would allow someone to add a filter to the mask (we don't provide recommendations of filter options).
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