The Climate Crisis
We are all together in this journey to design and implement solutions to mitigate impact of Climate Change and lay foundation for a sustainable future. A set of questions below are not intended to check your knowledge with regards to Climate Change rather its an attempt to aware about the real crisis and its impact in the truest form possible. We believe that you care about this crisis as much we do and we would be glad to get in touch with you to know how we could support each other. The feedback about every question is available after your submission.
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Why is the Earth's overall temperature going up? *
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What is the current rate of Species Extinction globally? *
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Which greenhouse gas is primarily responsible for climate change? *
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Rise is temperature will lead to *
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What is the current Carbon  Dioxide concentration in atmosphere? *
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What is the global temperature rise since industrial revolution? *
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Which international agreement was signed on Climate Change Mitigation, adaptation and finance? *
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Which country is the largest carbon emitter? *
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Which sector has the largest contribution to the global carbon emissions? *
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What is a major long-term goal of Paris Climate Agreement? *
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What is your opinion about introducing climate change education in schools? *
Do you think students must be empowered and prepared to adapt and tackle climate change? *
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