Sadie Nash Leadership Project: Newark Sisterhood Academy 2019-2020 Application
Welcome to Sadie Nash Leadership Project!

Sadie Nash Leadership Project (SNLP), a successful educational and leadership program for high school aged young women and gender expansive youth in New York City. We believe that every young woman and gender-expansive youth is a leader, and we offer free programs to further develop that leadership.

Open to 9th through 11th grade students
Meets Thursdays from 4-6pm from October 24 , 2019 to May 28, 2020
Apply by Friday, October 11 at 11:59pm

In Sisterhood Academy, young women and gender-expansive youth participate in workshops around community building, identity, leadership, media, healthy relationships, wellness, youth activism, and social justice. Using their own life experiences as a starting point, participants discuss different important community issues while building a community of support. In addition, participants have the opportunity to attend field trips and conferences while developing their confidence, leadership, communication, and activism skills. We provide bus tickets to anyone who needs them in order to get to program.

LOCATION: 31 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJ 07003

STIPEND: Participants can earn up to $300 for their participation based on attendance at the end of the program.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until Friday, October 11th
Interviews are October 15th & 17th
Class Begins October 24th

If you have any questions, you can contact:
SNLP Office: 212.391.8664
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