Medication Administration Quiz
Medication In-Service Quiz
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Tip: You may reference JSD Policy AS85 and for answers
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It is acceptable for siblings to share the same medication as long as there is a doctor’s order on file for each sibling and a label identifying each student on the medication *
Is a written note on a scratch of paper or on a doctor’s prescription pad acceptable to use in place of a Medication Authorization Form? *
A student has asthma and an allergy to all nuts. His mother brings in Benadryl, an Epi-Pen, and Albuterol to the office. How many medication administration forms do you need to complete? *
You need to administer an Epi-Pen injection to a student who is having an anaphylactic reaction, but the student has on thick jeans. What do you do?
You need to administer eye drops to a child. Which of the following should be avoided? *
On the Medication Administration Record, I must record the following information every time I administer the medication: *
A new Medication Authorization form is required for all new medications, every school year and with any dosage changes. *
You receive a barely legible note on a physician's prescription pad to administer amoxicillin every day at lunchtime for the next 10 days at school. You should: *
You have received the annual medication administration certification. Who can administer medications when you are on vacation or out of the office? *
What medications can students carry and self-administer with the appropriate forms on file? *
After the school staff receives the Medication Authorization Form, a copy of the form needs to be sent to whom? *
You can administer any medication, no matter the route or type of medication as long as the Medication Authorization Form is completed. *
If you administer medication following the prescriber’s orders and in compliance with Jordan School District policies you are not held civilly or criminally liable for any adverse reaction suffered by the student as a result of administering this medication. *
Which of the following are considered medications and will require a doctor’s order? *
It is the first day of the new school year and a student’s mother brings in the same Epi-Pen from last year saying that she will bring in the new medication request for this school year next week. You know that if it’s the same medication, the same school, and you have last year’s authorization form you should: *
Which one of these is NOT one of the 6 rights of medication administration? *
What actions must be taken if a student is given Glucagon, Auvi-Q or EpiPen? *
Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding asthma and inhalers? *
A student is very forgetful about coming to the office to take his medication. What do you do? *
The school year ended two weeks ago. You have left over medication for two students that has not been picked up by the parents despite reminding them. What should you do? *
Who is your assigned District Nurse? *
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