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Hi there! Let's explore where you're at right now, what's holding you back and where you want to go.
This process will also give better insight if coaching with me is in alignment with your current needs and goals.

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I look forward to getting to know you, your current frustrations and your dreams of a happier, healthier self!

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Application Submission Agreement:  I’ve completed this application because I would like to be considered to work with Alicia Michelle as a life coach. I understand that this application is confidential and I am only showing interest in the program at this time. In addition, I understand the difference between coaching and counseling (counseling helps participants deal with past issues while coaching helps participants craft a future outcome based on their passions, desires and talents) and therefore that Alicia Michelle or Vibrant Christian Coaching is not offering counseling services.  I’m aware that Alicia will review my information and determine whether or not working together is the right fit based on my needs and interests. Should we choose to work together, I also understand any that results I get from any coaching services with Alicia will be directly related to my commitment to implement the goals/strategies we develop together during each session. *
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