Scavenger Hunt Championship Registration
Hello Everyone! This is the registration form for the ENVigorate Scavenger Hunt Championship. Participants can be in groups of 4-5 people. The champion team will win a $100 prize and participating in ALL three games you will enter our grand Nintendo Switch draw! The Scavenger Hunt Championship will be from March 17, 9AM EST to March 23, 9PM EST, 2021. The winners will be announced on March 25, 2021.

Here is how to play:

Join Game: download the GooseChase iPhone or Android apps, and enter the specific game code within the app and away you go!

Complete Missions: to complete a mission, select it from the list and follow the instructions to receive the allotted points. Sometimes you’ll be submitting a photo or video, while other times you’ll be checking-in at a specific location or solving a puzzle or riddle. Missions changes and updates everyday, the fun and excitement are always there!

Track Opponents: you will have the ability to see everything as it happens on GooseChase. Whenever someone completes a mission, it’s added to the activity feed and the rankings are automatically updated. The competition is on!

Achieve Glory: when time runs out, the game may be done, but the fun is definitely not over. That's because we will announce the final scores after the review of the submissions. It's why you should always push hard until the very end, because you don't know if the teams ahead of you will have taken any shortcuts!

NOTE: Only environment faculty participants will be eligible for prizes, non- environment faculty participants are still welcomed to join the fun!

Keep an eye on our website at for updates!
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