NHMEA Distinguished Music Educator of the Year - Due Feb. 9th
NHMEA wishes to annually recognize an individual as the Distinguished Music Educator of the Year. Any member may nominate another and should consider the following criteria: teacher effectiveness, professionalism and service to NHMEA. The Executive Board shall be the selection committee and will vote by secret ballot after all nominations have been reviewed. Written nominations will be accepted by the secretary until the postmark deadline of January 5, 2017. Once the ballots have been counted, the secretary shall disclose the results only to the president. At the Spring All-Member Meeting, the recipient will be announced and presented an appropriate plaque. This is an effort by the Executive Board to recognize some of the very dedicated educators that the State of New Hampshire is fortunate to have.
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Please attach a document to address the following regarding your nominee: 1) Professional training, 2) Teacher experience, 3) Professional affiliation/responsibilities, 4) Teacher awards received, 5) Contest/Festival Participation, and 6) Other. *
Please direct any questions or concerns to Christie Lake at clake@mansd.org
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